Managing Your Talents

We help you to better manage the existing talents and manpower in your company with an improved productivity and acquire future digital skills.

Talent Management

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Our Scopes

Manpower Planning

We work with your HR Department to review and plan for the intake and expansion of future talents and fresh talents to increase your manpower need to your organization.

Retrenchment and Outplacement Program

We work with your HR Department to work out the win-win retrenchment and outplacement program most suited to your organization need and availability of Government assistance during the bad times.

Talent Facilitation

We assist your HR Department for the application of employment pass or working visa for your foreign talents in your company and help reduce the workloads of your limited HR personnels.

Young Talent Exchange Programs

We assist your organization to work out a CSR plan for the facilitation of young talent exchange programs (both Inbound and Outbound) in partnership with the right government ministry or agency.



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